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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

stories of 4 kenanga >> part 1

im writing this not to blame anyone.yes.no one. im writing based on my own experience. this 4 kenanga is a class which i teach. because school streaming has been so popular in Malaysia, so this school also practises it. this 4 Kenanga is the 'last class' of its level. it is the lowest-achievement class. and because im teaching english to them, the subject most of them hate, i have to try my very very best. plus give them a lot of motivation n encouragement.

i started teaching this class with frustration. i talked in front, they talked at the back. within three seconds i turned my back at them, they were walking all around the class. i'm sick of having to pinch them or hit their young hands with a ruler.im really really sick.

so i started to do reward systems in the class. i give them stars when they answer questions. sometimes i give them sweets for behaving in class. it works...unfortunately, not to all of them.

There's this boy,sitting in front of the class, beginning his first days of school without having any exercise books. and that he didn't even try to do the exercises i gave him..so i asked him. he kept quiet and his friends said that his mother didn't have the money. so i bought him a book. later, i noticed that he actually did the exercises i gave him. so they must be true,, the friends.