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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

SPP interview / temuduga SPP 2009

Part 2

Actually i expected that i would be asked in English for the whole interview but it turned out that the interviewer asked me questions in Malay.
the first 10 minutes (approximately), he asked questions about my personal life, about family and all that.
and suddenly he asked me whether i want if he matchmake me with his son. He must be kidding, though...

he did ask opinions on these issues:

"Jika awak dah berkahwin, berapa banyak duit belanja yang awak benarkan suami awak beri pada ibu bapanya" so I said, about 1/3 of his salary. he said "U must be a good wife someday" =P

"apabila seorang lelaki berkahwin dgn seorang perempuan itu, adakah patut lelaki itu berpindah mengikut isterinya? atau isteri yg perlu berpindah mengikut suaminya?"
then i answered, " it depends on individuals..then bla bla bla"
then he seemed like he did not totally agree with me. then i said,"but in Islam, it's the wife who has to live with her husband, so the wife should transfer to her husband's place." then i see he smiled and nodded.

then he checked my "Borang maklumat tambahan" and asked," is this your handwriting?" Of course...

"I know how to 'read' handwriting'," he said suddenly. really?

" awak ni seorang yang ada kesungguhan tetapi ada kalanya awak cepat panik," that was his interpretation. it must be because i looked so panic when i walked into the room.