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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Is it a disaster??..

i have never been that very serious taking into account my 'extremely clumsy' quality.well its my usual situation to bump into everything around me.

i hit the sofa, knock against the door, collide with every nail around the house, hit the wall, cut my lips when i was changing clothes, also cut my lips when i was playing basketball in school, falling in front of Electrical Engineering Faculty during my University years and cut my wrist (they thought i tried to kill myself..i fooled them.haha) also cut my feet when i was taking a shower (caused by a piece of broken tile)..

I have a long list of these. actually ive been very careful with my daily actions and works. dont know why it still goes on like that. on top of that, i almost faint when i see blood..oh i take a lot of effort just to read the word. i learned biology in school and i had to learn deeper about blood. but i really couldnt go on reading and reading more about blood cells, platlets and so on. also couldnt bare to get my own blood out of my finger just to carry out a simple experiment. at last, the biology teacher asked me to sit at the back of the class, staring completely at the wall.

until now, i still cannot get over it.anyhow im trying my best to be extra careful and always look out for every danger possibility around me..God, bless me..