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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

song hye kyo with bob haircut

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Is it a disaster??..

i have never been that very serious taking into account my 'extremely clumsy' quality.well its my usual situation to bump into everything around me.

i hit the sofa, knock against the door, collide with every nail around the house, hit the wall, cut my lips when i was changing clothes, also cut my lips when i was playing basketball in school, falling in front of Electrical Engineering Faculty during my University years and cut my wrist (they thought i tried to kill myself..i fooled them.haha) also cut my feet when i was taking a shower (caused by a piece of broken tile)..

I have a long list of these. actually ive been very careful with my daily actions and works. dont know why it still goes on like that. on top of that, i almost faint when i see blood..oh i take a lot of effort just to read the word. i learned biology in school and i had to learn deeper about blood. but i really couldnt go on reading and reading more about blood cells, platlets and so on. also couldnt bare to get my own blood out of my finger just to carry out a simple experiment. at last, the biology teacher asked me to sit at the back of the class, staring completely at the wall.

until now, i still cannot get over it.anyhow im trying my best to be extra careful and always look out for every danger possibility around me..God, bless me..

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

my wishes...

today is my 25th birthday.
all this while i really don't do 'close your eyes.think of a wish and blow the candle..'

anyhow i still got some wishes to be fulfilled.
:: in the process of getting my first car. hope to get the car before Ramadhan.
:: hope i have more free time to continue writing my novel..:: then publish it.
:: make my parents proud of me n being happy always..
:: maybe looking around for a 'Landon Carter (A walk to remember)' who might help me to fulfil my wishes..haha..

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

was it love or crush or foolishness??

"If I fall along the way, pick me up and dust me off
If I get too tired to make it, be my breath so I can walk..
When my smile gets old and faded
wait around i'll smile again..
I started out clean but I'm jaded.."

i think its a tragedy i would never ever forget for my whole life. after 14 years of searching, it is not only in vain, it kills me inside. still remember our 'short' childhood memories, eating in the cafeteria and talk about anything we want..

finally i have the courage to add this boy's photo whom i lost along the way. i hate to say this, but if he's still alive, i wonder if he ever remember me. and i hope he would. Allah, please bless him...al - Fatihah

stories of 4 kenanga >> part 1

im writing this not to blame anyone.yes.no one. im writing based on my own experience. this 4 kenanga is a class which i teach. because school streaming has been so popular in Malaysia, so this school also practises it. this 4 Kenanga is the 'last class' of its level. it is the lowest-achievement class. and because im teaching english to them, the subject most of them hate, i have to try my very very best. plus give them a lot of motivation n encouragement.

i started teaching this class with frustration. i talked in front, they talked at the back. within three seconds i turned my back at them, they were walking all around the class. i'm sick of having to pinch them or hit their young hands with a ruler.im really really sick.

so i started to do reward systems in the class. i give them stars when they answer questions. sometimes i give them sweets for behaving in class. it works...unfortunately, not to all of them.

There's this boy,sitting in front of the class, beginning his first days of school without having any exercise books. and that he didn't even try to do the exercises i gave him..so i asked him. he kept quiet and his friends said that his mother didn't have the money. so i bought him a book. later, i noticed that he actually did the exercises i gave him. so they must be true,, the friends.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

SPP interview / temuduga SPP 2009

Part 3

soalan - soalan berbentuk fakta...

-Penyata Razak (nasib baik terbaca and betul tahun keluarnya)
bab huraian yg kurang sikit
-Kaitkan penyata Razak dan PIPP
-kemahiran mengajar BI di sekolah
-taksonomi Bloom (ni yg terlupa sebenarnya...)
-berikan penjajah - penjajah yg pernah menjajah tanah melayu (dah betul 4 nie - Portugis, Belanda, Inggeris dan Jepun but tersilap bab susunan)

anyhow, i still pray for the best... U should check out SPP website for Panduan Temuduga SPP.
Good luck to everyone...

SPP interview / temuduga SPP 2009

Part 2

Actually i expected that i would be asked in English for the whole interview but it turned out that the interviewer asked me questions in Malay.
the first 10 minutes (approximately), he asked questions about my personal life, about family and all that.
and suddenly he asked me whether i want if he matchmake me with his son. He must be kidding, though...

he did ask opinions on these issues:

"Jika awak dah berkahwin, berapa banyak duit belanja yang awak benarkan suami awak beri pada ibu bapanya" so I said, about 1/3 of his salary. he said "U must be a good wife someday" =P

"apabila seorang lelaki berkahwin dgn seorang perempuan itu, adakah patut lelaki itu berpindah mengikut isterinya? atau isteri yg perlu berpindah mengikut suaminya?"
then i answered, " it depends on individuals..then bla bla bla"
then he seemed like he did not totally agree with me. then i said,"but in Islam, it's the wife who has to live with her husband, so the wife should transfer to her husband's place." then i see he smiled and nodded.

then he checked my "Borang maklumat tambahan" and asked," is this your handwriting?" Of course...

"I know how to 'read' handwriting'," he said suddenly. really?

" awak ni seorang yang ada kesungguhan tetapi ada kalanya awak cepat panik," that was his interpretation. it must be because i looked so panic when i walked into the room.